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We had the pleasure of teaching a group of students from Salisbury East High School in our recent Accredited Barista Workshop. These students are involved with the ‘Seal U Latte’ Barista & BBQ Van!

Seal U Latte is a non-profit sub-entity from Salisbury East High School, fundraising towards disengaged student learning outcomes.

They have a fully equipped mobile BBQ and Barista trailer, using quality ingredients and stainless steel equipment. Catering services are available for your next community or private event! A full menu and further information is available on their website

Their mission is:

  • To raise money in the attempt to offer students a ‘free education’, complete with short courses and VET certificates.
  • To provide students with a meaningful, challenging and complex workplace.
  • To increase student ownership of their learning outcomes.
  • To build student employability skills in a real workplace environment.
  • To reengage students with learning or earning pathways.
  • To build upon our students interpersonal skills, such as: communication, teamwork & respect.
  • To service our Adelaide community with high quality products and personalised service.

Coffee that makes a difference for disengaged youth, what a fantastic initiative!

Contact Seal U Latte on the details below: or via Salisbury East High on 8258 2070 or 0439 873 553

Should you also be interested in our Accredited Barista Workshop, please contact our friendly staff on 08 8258 4042 for further information and upcoming dates.

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