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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement
This privacy statement applies to this website, under the domain name The site is operated by Independent Institute – IIFP Pty Ltd (ABN 78 159 053 773), the trading name of Independent Institute of Food Processing.

Independent Institute of Food Processing is covered by the 10 National Privacy Principles (NPPs), as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000).
To comply with our obligations under the NPPs the following is our Privacy Policy, which sets out how we manage privacy in our organisation. You are welcome to receive more information about the Policy by contacting 08 8258 4042.

Purpose of the Policy
Independent Institute of Food Processing takes its obligations under the Privacy Act seriously and will take all reasonable steps in order to comply with the Act and protect the privacy of the personal information that we hold. This policy sets out how we do so.

The personal information the organisation collects
Independent Institute of Food Processing may collect and hold the following personal
information: names of students, associates(franchisees), employees and proprietors of
organisations; addresses; telephone numbers; facsimile numbers; e-mail addresses; titles, professional affiliations, student records and qualifications

Collection statement
Independent Institute of Food Processing collects uses and discloses personal information in accordance with the following Collection Statement:

“Independent Institute of Food Processing collects personal information. The nature of the personal information collected may include names, contact addresses, student records, both electronic and otherwise and professional affiliations. These details are collected for the purpose of providing our services to students and clients; using and promoting our products and extended range of services; processing enrolments; and processing payments for courses, services and products. We may also use personal information to apply student/employer/customer/affiliate satisfaction surveys and events such as. From time to time, Independent Institute of Food Processing enters into strategic alliances to improve client services. Information collected may be used by the government and its agencies and those strategic partners where Independent Institute of Food Processing is satisfied with the privacy protocols of that partner.”

Access to your personal information
Independent Institute of Food Processing provides access to your personal information in accordance with its Access Policy. If you require access to your personal information please contact our Customer Service Officer on 08 8258 4042.

If you have any complaints about our privacy practices or wish to make a complaint about how personal information is managed please contact Customer Service on 08 8258 4042. Complaints will be handled under the Independent Institute of Food Processing Privacy Complaints Policy.

We will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information that we hold. This includes appropriate measures to protect electronic materials and materials stored and generated in hard copy.

Contracting out
We do not contract our data storage or processing functions. Student records are legally required to be provided to government agencies within the training system where data is collected to oversee and improve the system as a whole. If this function is contracted out, we will take measures to protect the information by specific and legal restraint contracts.

Use and disclosure
Personal information is collected for the purpose of providing services to our clients; the marketing new products and services; processing of payments; the provision of training; staging of events; identification of members with common interests and to facilitate feedback and consultation on policy matters.
Independent Institute of Food Processing will not disclose this information to other organisations outside of those already mentioned above.

Legal reasons why we collect personal information
We collect personal information, student records and data in order to meet the requirements for the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS)

What happens if you choose not to provide personal information?
You are not obliged to provide Independent Institute of Food Processing with your personal information – however, withholding personal information may prevent us from providing you or your organisation with a full range of our services.

Sources of information
Where possible, Independent Institute of Food Processing will collect the information directly from its students, clients and affiliates. On some occasions personal information may be collected from press reports or published media.

Security Policy

Independent Institute uses the eWAY Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions. eWAY processes online credit card transactions for thousands of Australian merchants, providing a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the Internet. All online credit card transactions performed on this site using the eWAY gateway are secured payments.

  • Payments are fully automated with an immediate response.
  • Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by or any outside party.
  • All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL Certificate.
  • All transaction data is encrypted for storage within eWAY’s bank-grade data centre, further protecting your credit card data.
  • eWAY is an authorised third party processor for all the major Australian banks.
  • eWAY at no time touches your funds; all monies are directly transferred from your credit card to the merchant account held by.

For more information about eWAY and online credit card payments, please visit

Delivery Policy

After ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation from eWay containing your order details (if you have provided your email address). We will normally confirm receipt of your order within a few minutes of ordering, and then provide information and instructions on how to access your training.

Refund Policy

1. Institute Initiated Refunds
Where a refund results from circumstances caused by IIFP (eg cancelled class/course prior to start) a 100% refund of the IIFP Deposit, Course and Incidental Fees paid shall apply. No administrative fee for the provision of this refund will apply.

2. Student Initiated Refunds
All courses other than Fee for Service

Note: An administrative fee of $50.00 per refund will apply for the provision of a student initiated fee refund.

A full refund for unused incidental fees less the administrative fee which is included in the Non-refundable portion of the Enrolment Deposit will apply where a student withdraws before delivery commences, No refund will apply for the enrolment deposit portion once the enrolment form has been signed by the paying client. The commitment to undertake the course has set in motion planning, administrative processes, RPL reviews, induction and preparing of materials. If a special “personal circumstance” is determined a partial refund may apply for course fees paid in advance for those units not yet commenced. This will be solely at the discretion of the CEO.
If this is approved then the date of withdrawal shall be the date that the Institute receives the refund application.
“Personal circumstances” beyond the student’s control include:

  • Sickness (verified by a medical certificate);
  • Change of employment hours or location (verified by employer);
  • Other valid reasons at the discretion of the CEO.

3. Student Initiated Refunds –Fee for Service
There will be no entitlement to a refund of fees for Fee for Service Courses except in line with points below and at the discretion of the CEO.
All prices subject to change. Quoted prices are effective for 30 days of the written quote. The above policy will be strictly adhered to.

IIFP Determinations
Training or assessment delivery is deemed to have commenced from the date of the first official class or Trainer / Assessor visit for the nominated subject/program as shown in the subject timetable enrolment or VITA agreement.

Training Workshops, Seminars and Accredited Courses

  1. All IIFP courses identify a Non-refundable enrolment deposit which is identified prior to acceptance of an enrolment.
  2. Full qualifications are excluded from the following condition where an alternate procedure is followed and will only affect current active course components and registrations.
  3. Short course/workshop registration may be cancelled up to five (5) working days prior to the workshop and receive a full refund, excluding any pre identified Non refundable component. All cancellations must be notified in writing.
  4. Registrations cancelled less than five (5) working days prior to the workshop or seminar will be charged 50% of the fee.
  5. Failure to notify of non-attendance will result in the full fee being charged.
  6. You may substitute another participant (as appropriate for skill level or suitability) in a short course/workshop at any time prior to the commencement, should the nominated person be unable to attend.
  7. Independent Institute of Food Processing endeavours to run every workshop or
    seminar. However, we also reserve the right to cancel or postpone a workshop or seminar to an alternative date. All registered participants affected by such a cancellation will receive a refund or be offered the opportunity to transfer to the next available workshop or seminar.
  8. Withdrawal or termination of an accredited certificate course must be notified in writing. A refund will be issued (excluding an administration fee and issued materials fee) for any incomplete units of the specific certificate course as of the date of cancellation. A refund will also apply where additional charges have been invoiced and paid for off-job attendance or additional materials have been paid for in advance for an upcoming off-job workshop which is cancelled by iifp.
  9. A participant can be transferred once to another date for a workshop or seminar,
    free of charge, before a cost is incurred. Second and consequent transfers will incur the workshop/seminar fee.
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