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Independent Institute (IIFP) are a private training provider, servicing your training needs.

We offer specialised technical training that is customised to suit the individual needs of clients, for both new and existing personnel. Flexibility and meeting your individual business needs are the key to our effective training services. Our specialist workplace trainers and assessors have experience working across a range of industries including:

  • Food Processing
  • Meat Processing
  • Rural, Agriculture, Irrigation, Horticulture
  • Seafood Industry
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Training and Assessment
  • Foundation Skills Qualifications

Ranging from entry level Certificates, to Advanced Diplomas.

For our Full Scope of Qualifications go to the ‘Training & Assessment’ tab.

We understand that training supports individual business operations, and provides staff with the skills and attitudes to enable them to become leaders of the future. Our training will support your staff as they seek to become competent in their current position, and equip them to move into management positions as your business grows. The qualifications are offered in a flexible format, which enables Individuals, Trainees, Apprentices and others working in their industry, to undertake training and assessment within their own workplace.

Applicants are offered RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) which enables a “Self Evaluation” and preparation of materials to compile a case for recognition where prior experience has been gained. All gaps are identified and a personal training plan is tailored to the clients needs. This training will include ‘learners’ theory notes and materials, submission of assignments, learning activities, research case studies, and completion of relevant structured skills development in the workplace.

Worksite Training

There is no need to attend block release or day release sessions at a “simulated” work environment, IIFP will come to your workplace. A program suitable to all parties concerned will be arranged.

Workplace consultation

Those employers participating in IIFP training will receive technical consultation in manufacturing, QA and Workplace safety, upon initial visitations within the apprentice/trainees training contract period. This will assist both the employer and the apprentice to confirm or support technical expertise and improve the training outcomes.
Employers are able to contribute to a program by suggesting the timing of skills being learned during each level of a contract of training.
Generally, the training includes off job on site, small group or one-on-one technical sessions delivered by specialist lecturers/personal trainers. Practical training activities will be identified to meet competency in specified tasks practiced in the workplace.
We seek to encourage every workplace to develop small-group training skills, and where required, recognised nationally, in an endeavour to empower participating workplaces with an ability to gain benefits for the effort they exercise in skilling the employee towards competency.

Workshop based Training

We also offer workshop based training for those seeking to gain new skills for work in a new industry.

Please visit our home page or contact us for current dates, locations and course details.

On-line e-Learning

We also have an on-line, interactive learning platform, to accommodate rural, distant or time disadvantaged learners.

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