20140711-F13_253620140711-F13_2620IIFP Representative, Thomas Knoll, was asked to be a judge in the AMIC Butcher Apprentice Competition on Fri 11 July 2014 during the LambEx conference at the Wayville Showground, held on the centre stage.

20140711-F13_2633The AMIC Apprentice Competition is a national competition with each State holding their various heats throughout the year and the winner from each State coming together to compete at the national level in the following year.

20140711-F13_2615The national apprentice competition is held in conjunction with the National Sausage King Competition which will be in Adelaide on 7th Feb 2015. Interstate apprentices spend a week in the host State working in various butchers shops as part of their development.

The apprentice competition is a mystery box competition.

20140711-F13_2639Each apprentice has a sealed mystery box which has meat products and other ingredients. Once the competition starts the apprentices can open the box they then have to make a note of all of the ingredients and at the same time structure their work plan, this will be for 15 mins. Then they have 1½ hours to develop 5 or more value added products.

At the end of the time period they should have their products on display and their work bench clean and tidy.

IIFP are proud sponsors of AMIC
Australian Meat Industry Council

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