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Congratulations to IIFP Apprentice, Matthew McCallum, as the winner of School Based Apprentice of the Year in the 2016 South East Secondary Schools Training Awards
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The South East Secondary School based apprentice/trainee of the year award is open to students who are undertaking a Certificate II or above qualification as a part-time School-based Apprentice. The award recognises the student’s commitment to their formal studies at school, and in the workplace.

Matthew commenced his apprenticeship in Retail Butchery in Feb 2015, working 8 hours per week at Sir Loin Butchers while completing year 11 through the Naracoorte High School, and then transferred to the Naracoorte Independent Learning Centre to complete his SACE.

IIFP Trainer & Assessor Cees Wesselingh provides on-site training and mentoring, and Matthew is progressing very well and has achieved almost half of the required competencies.

This is a well-deserved award, Matthew is extremely passionate about his chosen career path, and is a fantastic ambassador for the industry.

“I am excited about the new developments within the industry and my research project that I am currently undertaking is about comparing fed and grass fed beef and the impact this has on the end saleable product.  Through this research it has increased my knowledge that I can in turn pass onto my customers.”

The school based apprentice pathway is an ideal gradual transition from school into the work force, allowing students to complete their high school qualification, commence a trade qualification, and earn money at the same time.

“School has always been a challenge for me, and I wasn’t sure, initially, whether I could successfully combine work with year 12 study. But with the amazing support provided by Independent Learning Centre, by the people at Sir Loin Butchers, and by my RTO I have done that successfully and, it seems, exceeded everyone’s expectations in the process. The school based apprenticeship has allowed me to really understand why we do some subjects at school and the importance they play in the work world, I am keen to continue my learning and would recommend the process of staying at school while starting your career to any student who is unsure of their future.”

“It is my dream to finish my apprenticeship and go on to further study in small goods and quality assurance.  Through this apprenticeship I have found my dream career.”

“Being an apprentice has allowed me to increase my knowledge through my training with IIFP and develop my skills on the job, and get paid.  As a school-based apprentice, it helps me meet my SACE requirements and enables me to complete my Year 12 SACE, which I otherwise may not have completed. The apprenticeship system is a great way of earning money while I am learning a new skill.

To anyone looking to take on an apprenticeship as a butcher I would say, ’it is hard work and there is so much to learn, but it is awesome’.  I love my job and can’t wait to get to work every morning’.”

We at IIFP wish Matthew all the very best and are confident he will achieve anything he puts his mind to!!

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