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What does iifp-VET (Vocational Education Training) Advisory Services provide?Training as a strategic business priority
iifp-VTE Advisory Services provides free independent practical and up to date information and advice to participating members of the business community.

Independent Institute-iifp can build your capability to implement nationally recognised training in your workplace for the sustained development of your staff, your business and the economy.

In this regard, we can:
1. Provide advice and access to information about vocational education and training to the business community to enhance your understanding and increase participation.

Covering topics such as:
• apprenticeships and traineeships pathways available in a wide range of
• relevant nationally recognised training within the national training system
• recognition of the skills of employees (RPL) including existing workers
• flexible training and assessment strategies
• employer input into training courses and new apprenticeship arrangements
• government initiatives, programs and reforms at the state and national level
• generate forums, conferences and seminars related to industry and training

Advice and information is disseminated through our website, phone, meetings with employers, forums, information sessions, regular newsletters, fact sheets, reports,
e-mail correspondence, brochures and other appropriate medium.

2. Arrange and establish training programs customised to your workplace, prepare materials for confidential use within your training, and train your employees in either mentoring, training or assessment. This will be of benefit to you so that you can contribute to or provide in-house training towards nationally recognised qualifications for your staff with little outside involvement.

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