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General purchase conditions of this site and training products and services are stated below or in other policies & procedures upon request. However it is the responsibility of the purchaser to read any purchase conditions and from time to time a current Student information handbook that may be related to IIFP or for a specific products or services sold on this site or marketed in another form. Full policies & procedures are available from IIFP Admin. All training products are presented and disclosed, either in person and/or when the client has access to the “IIFP student Information Handbook” and in each case, prior to enrollment.


1. Institute Initiated Refunds

Where a refund results from circumstances caused by IIFP (eg cancelled class/course prior to start) a 100% refund of the IIFP Deposit, Course and Incidental Fees paid shall apply. No administrative fee for the provision of this refund will apply.

2. Student Initiated Refunds

All courses other than Fee for Service.

Note: An administrative fee of $50.00 per refund will apply for the provision of a student initiated fee refund.

A full refund for unused incidental fees less the administrative fee will apply where a student withdraws before delivery commences. If relevant, No refund will apply for the enrollment deposit portion once the enrollment form has been signed by the paying client. The commitment to undertake the course has set in motion planning, administrative processes, RPL reviews, induction and preparing of materials. If a special “personal circumstance” is determined a partial refund may apply for course fees paid in advance for those units not yet commenced. This will be solely at the discretion of the CEO.

If this is approved then the date of withdrawal shall be the date that the Institute receives the refund application.

“Personal circumstances” beyond the student’s control include:

  1. Sickness (verified by a medical certificate);
  2. Change of employment hours or location (verified by employer);
  3. Other valid reasons at the discretion of the CEO.

3. Student Initiated Refunds –Fee for Service

There will be no entitlement to a refund of fees for Fee for Service Courses except in line with points below and at the discretion of the CEO.

All prices subject to change. Quoted prices are effective for 30 days of the written quote.

The above policy will be strictly adhered to.

IIFP Determinations

Training or assessment delivery is deemed to have commenced from the date of the first official class or Trainer / Assessor visit for the nominated subject/program as shown in the subject timetable, enrollment or VITA agreement.

Training Workshops, Seminars and Accredited Courses

  1. All IIFP courses identify a Non-refundable enrollment deposit which is identified prior to acceptance of an enrollment.
  2. Full qualifications are excluded from the following condition where an alternate procedure is followed and will only affect current active course components and registrations.
  3. Short course/workshop registration may be cancelled up to five (5) working days prior to the workshop and receive a full refund, excluding any pre identified Non refundable component. All cancellations must be notified in writing.
  4. Registrations cancelled less than five (5) working days prior to the workshop or seminar will be charged 50% of the course fee.
  5. Failure to notify of non-attendance will result in the full fee being charged.
  6. You may substitute another participant (as appropriate for skill level or suitability) in a short course/workshop only at any time prior to the commencement, should the nominated person be unable to attend.
  7. Independent Institute of Food Processing IIFP endeavors to run every workshop or seminar. However, we also reserve the right to cancel or postpone a workshop or seminar to an alternative date. All registered participants affected by such a cancellation will receive a refund or be offered the opportunity to transfer to the next available workshop or seminar.
  8. Withdrawal or termination of an accredited certificate course must be notified in writing. A refund will be issued (excluding an administration fee and issued materials fee) for any incomplete units of the specific certificate course as of the date of cancellation. A refund will also apply where additional charges have been invoiced and paid for off-job attendance or additional materials have been paid for in advance for an upcoming off-job workshop which is cancelled by IIFP.
  9. A participant can be transferred once to another date for a workshop or seminar, free of charge, before a cost is incurred. Second and consequent transfers will incur the workshop/seminar fee.

IIFP reserves the right to withhold granting the Award attained by the student, if student tuition fees remain outstanding.


  1. All prices subject to change.
  2. All non-third party publications are available for perusal from Independent Institute of Food Processing-iifp prior to purchase.
  3. No returns are accepted and no refunds are given for publications purchased or issued.


This policy was last reviewed by the CEO and Team members in April 2015.
Source document – iifp0300v3.3p91
This policy has been approved by Independent Institute CEO Stephan G Knoll.

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