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Professional development services

From certificate and diploma courses to half-day workshops and seminars, Independent Institute (IIFP) delivers a diverse training program to help your staff gain new skills and knowledge to improve their personal performance in the workplace.

We’ll come to your workplace and deliver customised training and assessment programs to suit your specific needs.

We offer optional attendance practical Workshops (see schedule for your area and industry) and Technical seminars for enrolled students and fee paying industry participants.

Our training program outlines an ongoing schedule of course details covering a broad range of subjects.

Trainee-ship Services

Independent Institute (IIFP) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for a range of nationally recognised apprenticeships and trainee-ships.

Trainee-ships, Apprenticeships and Skills for the future programs enable employees to undertake training for recognised qualifications while they are working in paid employment.

The qualification achieved through one of these nationally accredited programs can lead to more advanced qualifications. Employers who place their staff on trainee-ships/apprenticeships may be eligible for Commonwealth Government incentives of up to $4,000*.

Other incentives are available up to Advanced Diploma*. (Talk to us about your options)

Independent Institute’s (IIFP) RTO services cover the following nationally accredited Qualifications:

*Eligibility criteria apply.

For further information, contact

Independent Institute – Customer service
Telephone: 08 8389 3357
Facsimile: 08 8389 3357


New to Scope

Foundation Skills

Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways                        FSK10113

Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways                         FSK10213

Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways         FSK20113


Certificate II in Seafood Processing                                            SFI20511

Certificate III in Seafood Processing                                          SFI30511

Certificate II in Seafood Industry (Sales and Distribution)   SFI20611

Certificate III in Seafood Industry (Sales and Distribution)  SFI30611


Certificate II in Kitchen Operations                                            SIT20312

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery                                        SIT30813

Classic Scope

Agriculture / Livestock / Horticulture

Cert II in Agriculture                                                          AHC20110

Certificate II in Production Horticulture                       AHC20310

Certificate II in Horticulture                                             AHC20410

Certificate III in Agriculture                                             AHC30110

Certificate III in Pork Production                                    AHC30410

Certificate III in Poultry Production                               AHC30510

Certificate III in Production Horticulture                      AHC30610

Certificate III in Horticulture                                            AHC30710

Certificate III in Rural Merchandising                            AHC32710

Certificate III in Feedlot Operations                                AHC33311

Certificate IV in Agriculture                                              AHC40110

Certificate IV in Agribusiness                                            AHC41010

Diploma of Pork Production                                              AHC50213

Diploma of Agribusiness Management                            AHC51410

Food Processing / Baking

Certificate I in Food Processing                                        FDF10111

Certificate II in Food Processing                                       FDF20111

Certificate II in Retail Baking Assistance                        FDF20510

Certificate II in Food Processing (Sales)                          FDF20911

Certificate III in Food Processing                                      FDF30111

Certificate III in Plant Baking                                             FDF30310

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Cake and Pastry)          FDF30510

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Bread)                             FDF30610

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined)                     FDF30710

Certificate III in Food Processing (Sales)                         FDF30910

Certificate IV in Food Processing                                       FDF40110

Meat Processing / Smallgoods / Meat retailing / Meat Safety & Quality

Certificate I in Meat Processing (Meat Retailing)           MTM10211

Certificate II in Meat Processing (Abattoirs)                   MTM20111

Certificate II in Meat Processing (Meat Retailing)         MTM20311

Certificate II in Meat Processing (Food Services)           MTM20411

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Boning Room)          MTM30111

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Food Services)          MTM30211

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)              MTM30311

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Rendering)                MTM30411

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Slaughtering)            MTM30511

Certificate III in Meat Processing (General)                     MTM30611

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)         MTM30813

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Smallgoods – General)                  MTM30911

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Smallgoods – Manufacture)         MTM31011

Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Leadership)                MTM40111

Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)               MTM40211

Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance)   MTM40311

Certificate IV in Meat Processing (General)                      MTM40411

General Retail

Certificate II in Retail Services                                             SIR20212

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