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The purpose of this Risk Management Policy is to develop and maintain an integrated multi-disciplinary program for effective management of Independent Institute, assets and liabilities to protect its staff, students, property and income and enable IIFP to achieve its prime aims of Training and consultancy.

To achieve this mission it is necessary for staff to recognise and accept their responsibility for risk management, to act accordingly and to accept assistance and advice from others.

To achieve its aims IIFP will continue to:

  • maintain the highest possible standard of occupational health and safety and environment protection in line with social and legal requirements, including assistance in prevention of incidents and accidents.
  • minimise the effects of work related accident, both in human and financial terms, by providing a professional standard of rehabilitation services.
  • Optimise costs associated with the prevention and management of losses, risk financing and risk transfer (through the insurance program).
  • manage the Workers Compensation to the highest possible standard.


IIFP has adopted a Risk management process that accords with the Australian / New Zealand Standard for Risk Management 4360:1999. The process is an ongoing one and incorporates the following functions:

  • Identification of all potential risk exposures.
  • Examination of possible solutions/remedies.
  • Selection of the most appropriate solution/remedy.
  • Implementation of the selected solution/remedy.
  • Monitoring of the solution to ensure effectiveness.

The scope of activities covers occupational health, safety, and the environment; injuries to staff, students and visitors; property legal liability and other insurance; the associated claims management process for these insured risks and the management of IIFP’s Workers Compensation, including Occupational rehabilitation.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

IIFP aims to provide information to staff, students, contractors and sub-contractors on all matters relating to occupational health, safety and environment, particularly in the area of legislative compliance.
This involves:

  • The development, implementation and review of IIFP OHS policies and
  • Professional advice, information, support and training on OHS.
  • Conducting workplace assessments and audits to identify, evaluate and control occupational hazards.
  • Advising on the design and modification of the workplace, new building proposals, work methods and procedures to ensure good OHS practices.


Iifp is protected by Public Liability insurance and claims by the public and students are processed under the requirements of the current insurer. Contractors and Sub-contractors must be covered under their own insurance

Workers Compensation

IIFP is Registered under the South Australian WorkCover Scheme. Occupational rehabilitation involves restoring injured employees to the fullest physical, psychological, social, vocational and economic usefulness to which they are capable, consistent with their pre-injury status. It involves early intervention based on early reporting of injuries and provision of appropriate services on assessment of the injured worker’s needs.


Workplace injury management is about returning employees to productive employment as quickly and as safely as possible following a workplace injury. The underlying principle of workplace injury management is that rehabilitation in the workplace, rather than at home or in a medical institution, is both more effective and more productive. The object of a Workplace Injury Management Program is to establish a system that seeks to achieve optimum results in terms of a timely, safe and durable return to work for employees following workplace injuries.

Workers’ compensation covers all employees for work related injuries and conditions that are substantially caused or aggravated by their employment with IIFP. This applies to full time, part time and casual employees.

Benefits include payment for time off work due to total or partial incapacity and reasonable medical expenses. Lump sum payments may be available for cases of permanent incapacity.


The Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act requires that all work related injuries and illnesses must be reported by the injured person to the employer as soon as possible after the injury happens. Injuries should be reported to the CEO within 24 hours of the incident. This is regardless of whether the injured person intends to make a workers compensation claim.

Please complete the Accident & Work Related Illness Report

Note: This form is to assist with the fast reporting of work related injuries and illnesses and does not replace the Accident-Injury Report form or the Workers Compensation claim form.

Depending on the severity of the injury, and the worker’s preference, the injured worker should seek appropriate first aid/medical attention from one or more of the following:

  1. A First Aid Officer
  2. An Ambulance Officer (Dial 000)
  3. A treating/local doctor

Supervisors / Trainers should be aware that the injured worker retains the right of choice of medical services.


When advised that the worker will require medical or other treatment and/or time off work for their injury/condition, the CEO will liaise with the injured worker to ascertain diagnosis and prognosis, expected capacity for work and current treatment. If it appears likely that the worker will not be able to resume their pre-injury duties and/or usual hours of work contact the treating practitioners to determine the worker’s likely needs and restrictions.

Rehabilitation may not be necessary in all cases of work-related injury. However, early assessment of the need for rehabilitation is imperative.


Claim forms and information on workers’ compensation and rehabilitation is available from the Customer Service Administration Office.
For telephone enquires please contact: 08 8389 3357


This policy is currently under review as at 19th Jan 2012. contact IIFP administration for the latest update until our website update is complete


This policy has been approved by Independent Institute (IIFP).

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