Certificate II in Seafood Processing



This qualification represents the competencies relevant to people working in the seafood processing sector of the seafood industry in the capacity of a processing employee. It comprises the base entry point into this sector of the industry and provides people with a range of core and underpinning competencies relevant to their work.

The qualification will have application for people working:

  • on aquaculture farms or fishout/put-and-take operations
  • for contract harvesting and on-farm processing companies
  • in processing plants
  • for wholesalers or retailers.

Job roles 

Individuals operating at this level undertake a broad range of routine processes and procedures which may include

  • basic processing
  • general cleaning and maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • handling and slaughtering harvested stock.

Work may vary between enterprises.

Job role titles may include:

  • factory hand
  • general or process worker
  • seafood or fish processor.

Pathways Information

Pathways into the qualification 

Entry into this qualification may be:

  • by direct entry and without prior seafood processing skills or knowledge
  • SFI10511 Certificate I in Seafood Processing
  • other seafood industry stream qualifications.

Pathways from the qualification 

After achieving this qualification, candidates may undertake a:

  • SFI30511 Certificate III in Seafood Processing
  • SFI30311 Certificate III in Seafood Industry (Environmental Management Support).

Packaging Rules 

A total of fifteen (15) units of competency must be achieved.

  • four (4) core units plus 
  • seven (7) seafood processing specialist elective units (Group A) plus 
  • four (4) elective units that may be selected from a combination of:
  • Group A seafood processing specialist units not yet selected for this qualification
  • Group B elective units
  • imported units from this Training Package or from any other nationally endorsed Training Package or accredited course. A maximum of three (3) units can be imported, however, at least two (2) of those units must be aligned to Certificate II or III level. Units must be relevant to seafood processing and not duplicate skills already selected.

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