Meat Retail, Meat Safety, Food Processing. Industry Trainer/Instructor Luke has been involved within the meat industry for a vast majority of his life. Having grown up and contributed to his family’s butcher shop from a young age, Luke has pursued a career exploring many different avenues within the meat industry. Over this time Luke has achieved qualifications and gained many different skills. Working within the retail industry for many years Luke has obtain a qualification in Butchery Meat Processing and has also pursued an interest in Meat Inspection which has led to a Certificate IV in Meat Safety. Working within the boning production sector Luke has gained experience within large export production facilities as well as small boning operations, gained experience in the production of fermented and smoked products and has been involved in different management and training roles. Having spent time living and working overseas, Luke developed an insight in how foreign meat establishments operate. This gave an opportunity to learn older traditional methods as well as having the skills and knowledge of today’s modern market. Luke’s energetic and approachable personality makes clients feel comfortable allowing him to demonstrate his skills, knowledge and workmanship to his high standard. Luke’s drive to see clients achieve their goals within the meat industry are apparent to the way he trains.

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