Meat Processing – retail, small goods manufacturing, food/meat safety, management, Sales representative/promotion, counselling and Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN).Cees (Pronounced Case)is IIFP's School Student Officer and develops valuable links for students to engage with employers and increase opportunities to start their first job. His efforts have been recognised trough his dedicated contribution towards awards including, "Youth & Schools industry Awards", "Shaping Tomorrow's Workforce" as a Pledge partner, initiating and representing IIFP to be awarded a Certificate of recognition in the National Disability Program, by participating as an organisation/workplace for the 2012 NDCO Taster Days. He has been a national finalist in the National Meat Industry Awards in both 2011 & 2012. Cees has qualifications in the meat & food industry and has many years experience in Livestock production and farming operations in areas such as beef and pig production. He also has been a key operative manager in specialist areas such as Ratites Abattoirs. He is pleased to pass on his knowledge and skills through the role as a trainer & assessor. He has been involved in the industry in everything from general butcher duties, to shop manager, sales representative, manufacturing through to business owner and is a valuable source of advice for environmental & sustainable industry work practices. He recently was the program leader and presenter for IIFP's industry assistance program of "Food for Future Thought" a Commonwealth funded initiative for industry through Enterprise Connect. The program assisted industry to develop local networks to improve business operations, recognise & develop sustainable industry practices and open new market opportunities. Cees's utmost pride in his workmanship and his drive to produce work of the highest standard makes him an ideal trainer and assessor.

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